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Recent Developments in Mangrove Research (NEW)
A Mitra, K Banerjee, T Ray Chaudhuri | ISBN: 978-8170750932. A Works Based on Cutting-Edge Research and Ground Realities of the Indian Ecosystem.

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Fish and Fisheries of India
V G Jhingran | ISBN: 978-8170750178. "...a book that justifiably may become a vade mecum for the tropical fish culturist...contains a wealth of information" - Bulletin of Marine Science.

List Price: ₹2,495.00
Biodiversity of Mangrove Systems
Kathiresan, Qasim | ISBN: 978-8170750796. The most complete text on the mangrove habitats, their characteristics, floral diversity across the world including 879 plant & 3122 animal species in the ecosystems.

List Price: ₹795.00
Indian Estuaries
Bhaumik et.al | ISBN: 978-8170750901. Consisting of 260 pages, the book is a knowledge bank on ecology, fisheries and mankind effects on Indian estuaries.

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Prawns and Prawn Fisheries
Kurien, Sebastian | ISBN: 978-8170750321. Fifth Revised and Enlarged Edition by K. Gopakumar and V.N. Pillai

List Price: ₹650.00
Volume 1: Advances in Fish Biology
H.R. Singh (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750291 The book contains 25 invited research and review papers on several important aspects of fish biology.

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Volume 2: Advances in Fisheries and Fish Production
S.H. Ahmed | ISBN: 978-8170755395.
This is the second part of Advances in Fish Biology and Fisheries Series covering papers on fish breeding & plantations.

List Price: ₹800.00
Statistical Techniques in Quantitative Genetics
J.P. Jain | ISBN (HB): 978-8170750215. Second Revised and Enlarged Edition. Special Paperback edition (ISBN: 978-8170750949) dedicated to students.

List Price: ₹2,995.00 (HB) | ₹695.00 (PB)
Crabs and Crab Fisheries of Sundarban
Nandi, Pramanik | ISBN: 978-8170750345. The book deals with morphology, biology and distribution of eleven species of commercially important crabs; gears & techniques involved in fishing crabs alongwith many other topics.

List Price: ₹395.00
Korovkin's Linear Operators & Approximation Theory (NEW)
A. Gairola (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750925. Approximation theory has a close relationship with functional analysis. A successive construction of such a point of view distinguishes this book from other well known monographs on approximation theory.

List Price: ₹695.00
Basic Algebra - Volume 1
Jacobson | A classic text and standard reference for a generation, this is the work of an expert algebraist. Volume I explores all of the topics typically covered in undergraduate courses, including the rudiments of set theory, group theory, rings, modules, Galois theory, polynomials, linear algebra, and associative algebra.

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Basic Algebra - Volume 2
Jacobson | Volume II comprises all of the subjects usually covered in a first-year graduate course in algebra. Topics include universal algebra, modules, basic structure theory of rings, classical representation theory of finite groups, elements of homological algebra, commutative ideal theory, and formally real fields.

List Price: ₹400.00
Matrix Theory
M.L. Mehta | ISBN: 978-8170750123. The present revised and enlarged edition has been published in 1989, in collaboration with Les Editions de Physique, France. The noteworthy additions are four new chapters and some new sections. A number of appendices have also been added.

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Number Theory
G. Andrews | In this book the author solves the problem of maintaining the interest of students at both levels by offering a combinatorial approach to elementary number theory. By studying with such perspective, students benefit from the consequent simplicity of the proofs for many theorems.

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International Competitiveness
K. Momaya | ISBN: 978-8170750598.

List Price: ₹425.00
Entrepreneurship and Liberalization
V. Gautam (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750703. This book represents the papers contributed to the proceedings of a National Seminar held at IIT, Delhi on the hteme of 'Entrepreneurship in an era of liberalization". A theme such as the one explored in the seminar has axiomatic significance.

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Info. Systems... Compar. Management
V. Gautam (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750581. This book highlights various topics clearly defining the linkage between the modern Information Systems and Organizational effectiveness. Several other chapters include changes on government level, HR, Foreign Collaborations and Cultural aspects in Comparitive Management.

List Price: ₹400.00
Financial Management Practices
P.K. Jain et al. | ISBN: 978-8170750604. This study makes a modest attempt to develop an index of professionalism in financial management based on theoretically correct and normative framework. The major financial decisions examined include long-term investment decisions, capital structure decisions, dividend policy decisions and working capital decisions.

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Organisational Futures
V. Gautam (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750444. The increasing pace of change globally has altered the character of planning process. Based on grass roots study of decision making situations in various countries, the book is a compelling read, discussing parameters for critical management competencies that will enable enterprises and countries to meet demands of the future.

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Information Technology At Work
S. Kanungo (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750451. Given the lack of level of maturity of IT Systems in India, many IT Managers have a Technocentric focus that leaves little time for donning the thinker's cap. This book attempts to create a change in the way IT managers operate as they move up the organizational ladder and actively participate as members of an organization's think-tank.

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Training in India
K. Kaushik | ISBN: 978-8170750543. This book is an attempt to share the findings of a study conducted on the status of the prevailing state-of-art trainer and training practices in the Indian organized sector. It focusses on the HRD related personnel and the process issues of training. There is also an earnest attempt to come to the grips of the issues on what training can do and what it cannot do.

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India: Social Structure
M.N. Srinivas | ISBN: 978-8170750918. This book on Indian social structure originally formed a chapter in Volume 1 of The Gazetteer of India: Indian Union, published in 1965. It introduces the reader to the caste system, the village community, religious groups, marriage, kinship and inheritance, and changes in society at the time.

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Distress Migration in Dharmapuri
Sivagnanam, Srinivasan | ISBN: 978-8170750956. Rural out-migration largely driven by poverty, lack of livelihood opportunities and agrarian distress, threats faced by migrant workers has been captured by many studies. This work, on the other hand, studies distress of the left behind women, children and parents at the source viz. Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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Pre-Historic Archaeology
D K Bhattacharya | ISBN: 978-8170750147. This text has largely fulfilled the gap created by lack of a specialized library needed for understanding and updating archeology, an ever-expanding subject. The author has made best efforts to supply basic yet essential readings, covering the various ages and their cultures.

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Population Policy & Reproductive Health
K Srinivasan (Ed.) | ISBN: 978-8170750420. The volume is an edited version of 16 papers presented at the national seminar on Policy directions and strategy of action in population and reproductive Health organised by the Population Foundation of India.

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Culture and Community in Europe
O. Lynch | This book shows how the Old World of Europe is fast becoming the New World of anthropology's theoretical frontier. The essays emphasize national policies and international trends perceived and manipulated at the local level on both sides of the "Iron Curtain".

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Marriage in Sri Lanka
B Caldwell | ISBN: 978-8170750482. This 1999 classic brings to light the various aspects of the Marriage system in Sri Lanka. The author has also explained the processes involved and the marriage patterns that have changed over a century in this Emerald Island of Asia.

List Price: ₹500.00
Merit and the Millennium
A Walker | ISBN: 978-8170750666. This book is the product of thirty-six years of thorough research in the field of literature. In scope and depth it offers a unique compilation of information on the 700,000 strong Lahu, a swidden-farming mountain people whose villages are scattered from China's Yunnan Province through Burma, Laos and Vietnam to North Thailand.

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